Quiet now, but not for long

The past few weeks have been really quiet on the preservation front.  I updated my syllabus for next semester (changes include the ability to work on the big project solo if the student wants and a session in the book lab late in the semester to learn a few minor mends), and have otherwise been relaxing in preparation for the next few months, because it's going to be crazy. 

Next week, I go to Missouri to perform Amigos' first preservation assessment in the state.  That's sort of a landmark for us.  I'm excited.

The week after that, I'm going to the Society of American Archivists conference in New Orleans.  (Yeah, New Orleans in August.  I'm sweating just thinking about it.)  Looking forward to catching up with old friends, and hearing some exciting sessions.  I've also volunteered to talk for 5 minutes at the Archival Educator's Roundtable meeting about my Preservation Management class, and how I'm teaching students to perform preservation assessments.  I love how that class works, and am really interested to get some feedback from people who don't know me.   

After that, I'm home for a week, and then head off for 5 days in Oklahoma working on one of the most inspiring and fun projects I've had.  The Oklahoma Cultural Heritage Trust is doing some really cool things, including this project that's providing one day preservation assessments to institutions all over the state.  I'll be visiting 12 institutions over 3 weeks for this round of the project.  I love that for the most part the chosen libraries, museums and archives are small and rural with few resources but lots of love for their collections and their history.  Those are my favorite types of clients. 

September is just around the corner and will bring the start of the semester, and more travel, but now I'm focusing on August.  I'm hoping that all of these adventures will give me lots of interesting stories to tell and pictures to share. 

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