Rebecca provides a wide range of preservation services including:


  • Preservation Assessments

A preservation assessment is a thorough examination of your building, environment, collections, and policies.  It begins with an on-site visit by Rebecca and extensive discussion of your preservation goals and concerns.  The result is a written report detailing recommendations for long-term preservation of your collections that can be used in your preservation planning. It is also a useful document for persuading administrations and funders to support your preservation projects.  


  • Training

Rebecca is an accomplished trainer, in both face to face and live online environments.  Special areas of expertise include book and paper repair for library and archives staff, construction of protective enclosures, emergency preparedness and response, preservation environments, and care of collection materials including photographs and audiovisual material.  Whether you choose one of Rebecca's standard classes, or opt for fully customized training, your staff and collections will benefit from the knowledge gained.


  • Emergency Planning

An emergency plan is crucial for ensuring recovery from any disaster, from a water leak in the building to a tornado or hurricane.  Rebecca will guide you through the process of writing your own emergency plan, or write it for you.  She can also help you implement the plan by providing staff training, drills and tabletop exercises.


  • Storage

Rebecca understands the needs of collections, and can design collections storage solutions that are practical for your collection and easy to maintain for your staff.


  • Monitoring Programs

Understanding and controlling your environment is a key building block for long-term collections preservation.  Rebecca designs environmental and pest monitoring programs that do not require  large investment in equipment or staff time, but yield data that can help you make sure your collections are stored in the safest possible environment.  Rebecca can also analyze data and suggest ways to improve your climate.


  • Consultation

Do you need a rehousing program designed?  Specific recommendations for equipment?  Solutions for a tricky preservation issue?  Rebecca can provide the answers you need.


  • Mold Remediation and Minor Conservation Treatment

Rebecca performs mold remediation on modern and historic documents. She also will humidify and flatten documents, mend tears with Japanese paper and wheat starch paste, create custom housings and do minor book repairs.


  • Respirator Fit Testing

It is crucial to take care of your health when working with moldy or otherwise contaminated collections.  Rebecca can visit your site or event and provide respirator fittings so that your lungs are protected.


  • Other Services

Rebecca has a large circle of contacts in the library, archives and museum preservation community and can help you find an appropriate consultant if she is not expert in your specific preservation concern.